› 3/19/2009 - Farideh Ramenzani news story. Total Event Solutions Promotion Model Shoots National Commercial for Little Big Planet

New York City Promotion Model, Farideh R., has recently filmed a national television commercial for Little Big Planet video games. Here is an interview with Farideh about the audition and taping process for the commercial in which she played the ditzy princess!

1. What was the audition process like for the Little Big Planet commercial?
The audition process for the Little Big Planet commercial was kind of nerve wrecking. I was in a waiting room with a ton of girls auditioning for the same part so I was very nervous! Once I got inside however, I read my lines and hoped for the best! The director was casting the parts along with other casting directors and he laughed after I said my lines, so I figured "this is good!" Later on that night I got a call from one of the casting directors I got the part and I was thrilled! I started screaming for joy before I even hung up the phone!

2. How was the commercial filming process for Little Big Planet?
The commercial filming process for the Little Big Planet commercial was a whole lot of fun! It was a one day shoot in Long Island City Queens. It was a local pub that they found would be the perfect location for the "Sack's Community Meetings" (the characters from the game.) I arrived for hair and makeup really early that morning and we filmed all through out the day. There was three different versions of the script so all three versions had to be shot and you can find them all playing on MTV and MTV2 now!

3. Tell us a bit about your dancing on the Colbert show.
Being on the Colbert Show has been one of the greatest experiences in my professional acting career so far. I have been on three episodes and everyone from the cast and crew are so kind and helpful and hilarious! Especially Stephen Colbert he is too funny and too nice! I play a chica on the show everytime Stephen has Esteban Colberto on the show (alter spanish host) and its nothing but laughs and fun!

Can you give us some specific information on any past movies, commercials, tv shows, etc. you have done?
I have been in this business now for over 15 years and over the course of my career I have done my share of work with film, television, and theater. However, nothing was more rewarding to me than shooting the commercial for the Little Big Planet game and I hope that I continue to book more work like that! You can catch all my recent work on my youtube page!


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