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As a client of Total Event Solutions, you and the success of your program are our #1 priority.

Total Event Solutions, Inc. is a nationwide, full-service event management and promotional staffing agency headquartered in Newport, RI.  Total Event Solutions was founded and is currently run by Event Marketers who identified that there was a need for a different kind of staffing agency – one that focused more on the needs of the clients and the overall success of their programs and not just providing bodies to help execute an event. An Event Staffing agency that felt more like a partner to our clients than just another vendor.

We sought out to develop a staffing agency that would attract, train, evaluate and retain quality staff in every market where we operated. Responsible staff that comes informed, works hard and genuinely cares about the success of the programs that they work on. It is our goal to create just that type of company which keeps the client and the success of their programs first in our minds: Management and staff that actually listen to the goals of the client and do everything in our power to fulfill those goals fully and flawlessly at each event. 

We have set out to develop localized staffing networks in markets throughout the country that are filled with experienced, energetic and engaging staff, with a desire to work events with the best interests of the clients in mind. No more travel costs as staffing agencies flew their personnel around the country to suit the client needs. No more staffing databases of thousands of staffers working for a faceless agency. Our goal was to develop smaller, more specialized staffing networks that we could trust and count on. We hoped to attract the best and brightest in each market, create personal relationships with each one of them, treat them well, and keep them busy. In our minds, if we provided quality staff that worked to make every event successful for our clients, the work would come and the best staff would stay with us as we paid them timely and kept them busy. 

We realize that we are only as good as the staff that we provide and we will only continue to grow if the events or promotions that we work on are successful.

Thank you for considering us. We hope to make your event successful and your life a whole lot easier.